What Does an Internship Program Look Like?

Internship program look likeThere are a few different ways of structuring an internship program, and there is not one “right” way of doing it. Let’s break down the two most common ways companies format their internship programs:


Project-Based: A project-based internship centers around the intern completing one major project throughout the duration of their internship. The project is oftentimes something a company has wanted to look into, but hasn’t had the time to do so. This allows the intern to take ownership of an objective and deliver a meaty deliverable at the end of their program. A project-based program is especially effective if paired in conjunction with a few daily and weekly tasks the intern is responsible for.


Team Integration:  Some internship programs are designed to have the intern become fully integrated into a team, effectively taking over a full-time employee’s responsibilities. This can be helpful if a full-time employee is out of office for an extended time or if there is a role that needs to be filled for a few months. This allows both students and companies to see if the role would be the right fit for a full-time job after graduation.


Think about the work you most want to get done through the internship program and this will guide you to which path is the best fit.


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