The InternView program approach is based on analysis of the world’s leading internship programs such as:

  • Deloitte
  • Google
  • Spotify
  • JP Morgan
  • Kimberly-Clark

InternView partners with clients to create a robust program that leads to a positive internship experience for intern and client alike.

A typical client project will include the following phases:

Phase 1: Current State Analysis

  • Interviews will be conducted with key stakeholders to understand what the current internship program looks like, if applicable
  • Goals will be formulated with stakeholders to understand the desired outcomes of the program
  • Intern managers will be interviewed to understand bandwidth and management experience
  • The core internship project will be identified based on current and forecasted business needs
  • Budget will be evaluated to decide about internship compensation structure

 Phase 2: Program Design

  • InternView will complete the following deliverables customized to the client’s unique needs:
    • Recruiting plan with key career fair, pre-night, and interview dates at Tier 1 schools
    • Pre-night presentation and approach
    • Interview questions and analysis guide
    • Offer letter detailing the compensation and benefits package
    • Manager-facing internship program outline and calendar with weekly milestones documented
    • Intern-facing project objectives document to present the core project and outline the key milestones
    • Feedback form for both interns and managers to complete during status meetings

 Phase 3: Program Delivery

  • InternView will deliver the agreed-upon materials to the client and update the documents based on stakeholder feedback
  • InternView will work closely with the intern manager to relate expectations and provide guidance on how to effectively support the intern
  • Ongoing support will be provided on an ad-hoc basis throughout the duration of the program to support with issues, questions, or additional requests based on an agreed-upon fee structure

Phase 4: Program Analysis

  • Upon the conclusion of the program, InternView will interview the intern and the intern manager, in separate interviews, to get feedback on their experience
  • InternView will complete an analysis of the internship program based on feedback with recommendations for improvement
  • The client will become certified as an “InternView Approved” program, signaling to interns that they will have a positive experience interning there